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Core & More begins October 20!

Starting on Sunday, October 20, Larissa Parson's Restorative Movement class is shifting from Saturdays to Sundays at 10am, with a deeper focus on restoring your core and supporting your pelvic floor. You'll find the corrective exercises you already love, plus more!

Read on for the class description:

You've started down the path to restored, but you're still not sure what a functional butt feels like. You're ready for more load and more strength, but aren’t into "Hard Core" classes. Core & More is your core restoring, pelvic-floor-supporting, butt-burning mindful movement class. All the corrective exercises that you love, and more.

Each class has a different emphasis, but every class is a whole-body experience that will leave you feeling more in touch with your body. We’ll play with resistance bands, use yoga blocks in creative (and evil!) ways, and use blankets for more than just bolstering ourselves. Of course, there will be time to rest and digest, time to check in and connect, and the usual joy and enthusiasm you can always expect in Larissa's classes. 

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