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We currently offer weekly yoga and core and mobility classes at The Studio in Hillsborough. All of our classes are beginner-friendly and led by welcoming teachers who are here to help you have a safe, meaningful movement experience! 
You can view details about attending class with us and descriptions of our current weekly movement classes below. Can't decide which class is for you? Send us an email and we'll help you figure it out.


New Students

Please arrive 5-10 minutes early for your first class so we can show you where to put your shoes and how to set up your mat, and answer your questions. Advance sign-up for all classes is required. Please contact us with any questions!


Space is limited, so we ask that you sign up in advance to reserve your spot in class. If your plans change, you can cancel your reservation without being charged as long as you do so 2 hours in advance. 


In-person classes:

  • Your first class with us comes with a 2nd free class!

  • Drop in for $17 a class

  • 5-class pass for $75 (expires in 3 months)


Please note that The Studio is located up a flight of stairs (15 steps) and no elevator is available. A water cooler and restroom are across the hall from The Studio. 

Click "Class Schedule" to view our schedule, reserve your spot in class, and purchase sessions.

Testimonials about our classes and teachers can be read in full here. Shorter sections are also quoted with the class descriptions below.

Awareness is the ability to understand oneself and one's surroundings. In Awareness Yoga, poses will be practiced with a focus on synchronizing breath and mind as a tool to cultivate awareness in deepening one's understanding of yoga asanas (poses). The secret is to witness and build a relationship between your body and mind in the present moment. Surrender and experience your growth with a smile!


TESTIMONIAL from STEPHANIE: "I can contribute my better posture to the class, but also an improved mood as well.  Tsyr Han is a welcoming teacher who leads the class with compassion and positivity, encouraging us to be our best selves in and out of the class."

Beginner-friendly movement classes at The Studio at A Step To Health in Hillsborough_edite

Slow flow yoga is a sustainable and dynamic practice for beginner and ongoing yogis.  Its slower and gentler pace allow you to move with your breath and listen to your body.  Proper breathing calms the mind and cultivates mindfulness. The slow flow practice allows the muscles to stretch and strengthen gradually.  As the mind body connection deepens, the body is able to adjust to experience the full benefits of each posture with breath in time.


Try this slow flow class and feel your practice evolve into a moving meditation.


TESTIMONIAL from LISA: "In this class, instructor Tsyr Han 'meets me where I am.' While he focuses on helping me gain strength and flexibility, I feel like his aim is to create a welcoming, supportive space..."

Vitality Boost is a 60min energizing blend of breath work (intentional breathing), mobility training, full-body stretching, and core strength training. This class is designed to help you move and feel better! The overall focus is to train the foundational aspects of movements (core strength, joint mobility, and breathing) and by doing so increase your ability to move freely and without pain. This class is great for anyone! Whether you’re a desk-job type looking to shake some stagnancy, a lifting enthusiast wanting to learn how to optimize your training, or anyone in between, you’ll find yourself in the right place.

You’ll start with a few minutes of intentional breathing to connect with the body, then begin generating energy with 15 minutes of full-body stretches and mobility. Once you’re warmed up you’ll move into concentrated core strength work for 15 minutes, then deepen your mobility practice with 10 minutes of joint-specific training. You’ll take the last few minutes to return to your breath and check in with your body. This class is explorative, so self observation will be woven into the full hour!



TESTIMONIAL from TRACY: "This class is amazing and I will not miss it! It provides such a great variety of stretching, breathing, and core work, with noticeable results. Claire has an endless variety of movements and adjusts the class to your needs. I leave refreshed and re-energized. It suits all ages and levels and I highly recommend it!"

Ray of Light
Click "Class Schedule" to view our schedule, reserve your spot in class, and purchase sessions.
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