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We currently offer weekly VIRTUAL Core & More, IN-PERSON Awareness Yoga, and IN-PERSON Core Strength & Stretch (summer 2022) at The Studio in Hillsborough. All of our classes are beginner-friendly and led by welcoming teachers who are here to help you have a safe, meaningful movement experience! 
You can view details about attending class with us and descriptions of our current weekly movement classes below. Can't decide which class is for you? Send us an email and we'll help you figure it out.


New Students

Please arrive 5-10 minutes early for your first class so we can show you where to put your shoes and how to set up your mat, and answer your questions. Advance sign-up for all classes is required. Please contact us with any questions!


Space is limited, so we ask that you sign up in advance to reserve your spot in class. If your plans change, you can cancel your reservation without being charged as long as you do so 2 hours in advance. 


In-person classes:

  • Your first class with us comes with a 2nd free class!

  • Drop in for $17 a class

  • 5-class pass for $75 (expires in 3 months)

For virtual class rates and details, please click here.


Please note that The Studio is located up a flight of stairs (15 steps) and no elevator is available. A water fountain and restroom are across the hall from The Studio. 

Click "Class Schedule" to view our schedule, reserve your spot in class, and purchase sessions. Please make note of which classes are IN-PERSON vs. ZOOM.

Awareness Yoga


In this class, poses will be practiced with a focus on synchronizing physical and breath work, to achieve a meditative state. The emphasis will be on building a relationship between your body and mind in the present moment.


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Restorative Movement at A Step To Health in Hillsbrough

You've started down the path to restored, but you're still not sure what a functional butt feels like. You're ready for more load and more strength, but aren’t into "Hard Core" classes. Core & More is your core restoring, pelvic-floor-supporting, butt-burning mindful movement class. All the corrective exercises that you love, and more.


Each class has a different emphasis, but every class is a whole-body experience that will leave you feeling more in touch with your body. We’ll play with resistance bands, use yoga blocks in creative (and evil!) ways, and use blankets for more than just bolstering ourselves. Of course, there will be time to rest and digest, time to check in and connect, and the usual joy and enthusiasm you can always expect in Larissa's classes. 

This class will help you improve your stability and physical resiliency so that you can complete everyday activities with mobility and ease. This 60-minute core and stretch combination class begins with warm-up stretching, leading into 25-minutes of core strengthening within the abdominals, obliques, and back muscles, finishing off with stretching focused on increasing flexibility and full-body recovery.

Click "Class Schedule" to view our schedule, reserve your spot in class, and purchase sessions.
Yin and Restorative Yoga with AnnMarie M

Yin and Restorative Yoga are both yoga practices that include releasing stored tension from the body while calming the busy mind. Both promote meditation and the relaxation response that allows the mind and body to fully relax and restore. Experience the decrease of muscle tension, breathing rate and busy thoughts. This is a place of stillness that offers the opportunity for letting go, being fully present, and connecting with inner bliss and happiness. This class offers personal guidance, assistance and moments of silence to experience the true benefits of each practice. Poses are usually held are on the ground with many props offered, including bolsters, blocks and blankets, to find support needed specific to each person. After class, participants will feel calmer, lighter and re-awakened with a new sense of clarity and awareness. Learn more.


Learn the basics of moving meditation. Regular practice of these gentle aerobic, mind-body movement sequences will help you achieve better balance, strength, range of motion, memory, mental focus, and overall well-being. Wear comfortable clothes.


T'ai Chi for Beginners at The Studio at

*currently on hiatus*

Join us for a limited run of this 45-minute, beginner-friendly Pilates mat class. Pilates is a method of exercise which is designed to strengthen the core, increase flexibility, and mobilize the spine. Other benefits of pilates include better body control, alignment, and balance. This class will be suitable for both beginners and those with Pilates experience. Modifications will be offered, and all will be encouraged to work at their own level.



Pilates at The Studio in Hillsborough

MELT Foam Rolling
*currently on hiatus*

The MELT Method® is a simple, self-care treatment technique that reduces chronic pain and helps you to stay healthy and active for a lifetime. MELT techniques reduce the effects of accumulated tension and stress caused by daily living. MELT classes are fun, relaxing, and are appropriate for all ages and activity levels. Using specialized techniques, a soft body roller, and four different small balls, MELT rehydrates the connective tissue, rebalances the nervous system, and restores space to compressed joints. For those experiencing stiffness, aches and pains, it is a way to restore balance and ease of movement. For active younger adults, it is a way to maintain a fit, healthy body and maintain optimal performance. Take a minute to learn how MELT works before your first class with MELT Frequently Asked Questions. You can also read some helpful tips from our MELT Foam Rolling instructor, Sandy Brady.



MELT Foam Rolling at The Studio at A Ste
Click "Class Schedule" to view our schedule, reserve your spot in class, and purchase sessions.