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Current Teachers

Tsyr Han Chow

Awareness Yoga and Slow Flow Yoga

Tsyr Han Chow, Yoga Teacherat The Studio in Hillsborough, NC

Self-care should be your priority. Listen to your body, nourish it, and be. It has been a long journey for me to be aware of what it takes to live in abundance. Fortunately, years of experience in the health food industry have given me guides from health practitioners to teachers from all walks of life. The message to emerge is to awaken oneself and be conscious. 

Tai Chi (Taiji) came into my life soon after Hurricane Andrew in 1992. The Tao of movements and philosophy infused within me the understanding that there is a balance to our existence. The form I studied and taught for over 28 years had a basis of yoga principles and it fascinated me. So, to understand even more, I took my yoga teacher’s training 8 years ago and was thrilled to know they complemented each other. 


The movements, the meditation, the breath, and the philosophies all lead to mindfulness. Teaching and practicing yoga and Tai Chi have taught me the importance of being aware, which in turn have enriched my life. 

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Claire Spear

Vitality Boost: Mobility + Core

Claire Spear, Yoga Teacher at The Studio in Hillsborough, NC

Hi! I’m Claire :) (pronouns she/they). I’m a holistic coach, founder and CEO of Integr8. Last December I left a promotion at a gym franchise to start my own business. Now I work to generate a sustainably balanced lifestyle for leaders, entrepreneurs, and caregivers of all types! The modalities I work with in my programs are movement, self-nourishment, and self-study.


I crafted Vitality Boost: Mobility + Core as an in-person offering geared to those wanting more freedom and stability in their daily movement. My area of study for movement is integrative personal training, and my background holds a little bit of everything (from ballet to powerlifting). My intention is to pull from that personal library of knowledge to bring the best of what I have learned and am continuing to study! The class is meant for any activity level, and my intention is to provide modifications/movements for those who may have impaired mobility. I look forward to moving with you in The Studio! 

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Pamir Kiciman

Studio Manager

I'm happy to join The Studio team as the new studio manager. My background is two-fold: the creative arts and the healing arts. For 30 years I have maintained a private healing practice and taught healing classes. For long stretches of that time, I was practicing and teaching at a hospital as well, as part of its wellness program. I'm also a longtime writer and lifelong photographer and actor, and once again pursuing these as a fairly new transplant to the Triangle. I look forward to bringing the vital element of wellness to this community.

The Studio Co-Founders

Dr. Jena, owner at The Studio in Hillsborough, NC

Dr. Jena Friedel: A Step To Health, Integrative Health Care Center, came under my ownership in 2003. I have loved nurturing it and watching it grow as more independent practitioners joined. In 2017, a new chapter evolved for our Center as we moved into a larger building, affording more rooms for additional practitioners, and excitedly, to have a space for a balanced movement studio. Having no idea how to manage such a studio, co-founder Emily Burrows happily joined me in designing our beautiful space. She took our baby through the first six years, building The Studio from scratch, finding and supporting instructors, and ensuring we stayed available through shutdowns. It brings me much joy to reflect on and share this wonderful journey! 

Emily Burrows: Before the doors opened at The Studio, Jena invited me to collaborate with her to bring The Studio’s vision into a physical reality and find wonderful teachers in a wide variety of movement styles. It’s been a delight and privilege to work with Jena to support our community of students and teachers!

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