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From Our Dear Students



Vitality Boost: Core + Mobility with Claire Spear



Claire's Vitality Boost class is unique in form. It is a mix of flexibility, stretching and strengthening exercises designed to improve everyday movement. Claire has taught me ways to bend and move that have helped mitigate pain in my hips and back. Plus, we have a lot of fun in her class. Recommend this class for those who want to maintain mobility and fluid movement. 



This class is amazing and I will not miss it! It provides a great variety of stretching, breathing, and core work, with noticeable results. Claire has an endless variety of movements and adjusts the class to your needs. I leave refreshed and re-energized. It suits all ages and levels and I highly recommend it!

Awareness Yoga with Tsyr Han



Participating in Awareness Yoga with Tsyr Han has brought about so many positive changes in my life.  It has increased my overall awareness of my body and how it functions in the world and has also challenged me to improve my flexibility and strength.  I can contribute my better posture to the class, but also an improved mood as well.  Tsyr Han is a welcoming teacher who leads the class with compassion and positivity, encouraging us to be our best selves in and out of the class.  



I am new to Yoga. Tsyr Han is terrific! He’s patient and encouraging and yet pushes you to help you to become stronger. It’s a pleasure and I’m getting so much out of his class.

Slow Flow Yoga with Tsyr Han



In the "Slow Flow Yoga" class, instructor Tsyr Han "meets me where I am." While he focuses on helping me gain strength and flexibility, I feel like his aim is to create a welcoming, supportive space and a sense of "camaraderie without competition" among class participants. As a bonus, I appreciate his knowledge, as he can demonstrate how a given pose might vary between various yoga styles.


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