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Infrared sauna price drop

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

If you've come to class at The Studio you've probably noticed that we are on the same hall as the therapeutic infrared sauna at A Step To Health. We want you to stay beach-weather-warm and happy this winter, so we're reducing prices for the infrared sauna just in time for winter!

Clinical Naturopath Crystal Honeycutt will be your guide to help you have the most therapeutic benefit from the infrared sauna.

Here are our new, lower prices:

  • Single sauna session: $30

  • 5 sessions: $120

At A Step To Health, we are offering infrared heat in a therapeutic capacity. Because we want you to maximize the benefits, we require all clients to enroll in our Infrared Sauna Health Membership prior to use.

To learn more about the benefits of sauna use and to enroll in your membership, contact Clinical Naturopath Crystal Honeycutt. Based on your life and health concerns, Crystal will help you determine the frequency and length of sessions that will best help you heal.

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